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My name is Martha, I do not live in Minnesota, but have roots deep in her soil.
I am the Temporary Coordinator as Nicollet County is available for adoption.
If you have a local connection to Nicollet County and web design skils [or wish to learn],
please consider joining the MNGenWeb as a County Coordinator
Please contact the State Coordinator: Tim Stowell for more information.

In the meantime, I might be able to assist in locating that missing piece of your 'Ancestral Pie'.
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Brief History of Nicolett County, Minnesota [Wiki]

Nicolett County Neighbors:
Blue Earth ~ Brown ~ Le Sueur ~ Renville

Nicollet County is host to the Ojibwe Tribe
"Tracing Your American Indian Ancestry"

"What's New Section"
From the FS Catalog:
Mary Zins Obituary Collection and Marriages, ca. 1896-1988
Some of the newspapers named were the Nicollet Leader,
St. Peter Herald, New Ulm Journal
(or New Ulm Daily Journal; also known as The Journal),
The Ledger, St. Peter Tribune, and The Free Press (in Mankato).
This list is not complete.
The Images...
Aastrom, Anna, Mrs.-Door, Blanche Film #1888040
Door, Blanche-Janos, Karl / Film #1888041
Janos, Karl-Michels, Kenneth / Film #1888042
Michels, Kenneth-Schultz, Bernard G. / Film #1888043
Schultz, Bernard G.-Zwaschka, A., Mrs. / Film #1888201
There are no Indexes.
The Sections are clearly marked with a blank folder
and the Alpha Letter.

There is a great set of booklets I found in the FS Catalog: Books
Tidbits of Sublette County, Wyoming
Compiled by:
Anna Lee Woffinden

Please use this Link: All Indexes for the Booklets
They contain all sorts of newspaper articles:
Birth, Death, Marriages, Funeral & Burial Announcements and Accidents

The Booklets are in the FS Catalog:
Log into your account: Search, Catalog, Enter 'Woofinden'
in the Author Slot, Big Piney Examiner will be listed.

MN Digital Newspapers

Search Engine for Nicollet County

Queries may be posted on the new
Minnesota Mail List:
io Groups Site"

"Home Town Locator"
Getty Geographical Thesaurus
There was a nice list of Plat Maps & Directories on the old Nicollet pages,
but no links to access them or if they were even available.

Here are a couple of links:
"Acre Value" - Gives Twp & Range Numbers

1899 Plat Map
JR Borchert Map Library

Lookup Volunteers
While updating Nicollet County, I did not find any lookup Volunteers.
New information is always welcome:
Please contact Martha if you have data to share.

I have access to the following Subscription
Databases [Library Editions] ~ Fold3 ~ Historic Map Works
American Civil War Research Database
Confederate Newspapers
Reports of Civil War [Union Army] Generals
Source: Gale Primary Sources [Online Library]
"Archives Unbound"
'History Hub' = New Lookup Service

Lookups: Contact Martha

1865 Census ~ Minnesota State Census Records
1857 Territorial Census

Swedish Genealogy
"How to trace Native American Ancestry"

Miscellaneous FS Catalog Records
Tax Records: 1857 - 1910
There is a huge list of Tax Records for Nicollet County
Use this Link, if it does not work, log in, then use it.

Nicollet County: Wills, Family Search Film

Wills, vol. A, 1858-1860 4412043
Wills, vol. B, 1860-1879 4412048
Wills, vol. C (p. 1-291), 1879-1901 4412081
Wills, vol. [C] (p. 292-607), 1879-1901 4412108
Wills, vol. D (p. 1-224), 1902-1913 4412139
Wills, vol. [D] (p. 225-464), 1902-1913 4412171
Wills, vol. E (p. 1-140), 1912-1932 4412243
Wills, vol. E (p. 122-482), 1912-1932 4469508
Wills, vol. F, 1932-1945 4469519
Wills, vol. G, 1937-1952 4469548

Nicollet's Neighbor's - LDS Odds & Ends
FS Catalog
Brown County, Minnesota, Poor Farm Records, 1901-1937
Film #1705086 ~ Item 2

Brown County Obituaries: 1855 - 1990 [Searchable Collection]
There are over 1400 Obits, etc for Nicollet Folk
Go Here: This is a huge Collection
for Family Files: Brown County Historical Society Records

History of Brown County, Minnesota
L A Fritsche, MD, Editor
Vol I, 1916: B F Bowen & Company, Inc
Indianapolis, Indiana
"Nicollet Folk"
Send for Scans or Download from FS Catalog
A - KPage  L - ZPage
Amann, Andreas200  Lind, John445
Baasen, Francis442  Luedtke, Wilhelmine500
Backer, August J299  Marti, Rudolph70
Beussmann, Herman64  Melzer, John499
Blass, Charlotte May53  Mueller, Emil112
Durbahn, Henry357  Mullen, Michael435
Femeyer, Meta154  Ochs, J Anton164
Flor, Albert D143  Ochs, Mary164
Fritsche, Frederick339  Raymond, Mattice297
Fritsche, Louis Albert368  Schrader, H F248
Garrioch, Isabelle276  Sperl, Joseph J454
Goblirsch, Andrew J423  Stolz, August183
Hacker, Albert 475  Vetter, Benedict I253
Heymann, John184  Vogtel, Amalia67
Hoffman, John67  Vogtel, Charles66
Julius, Fred51  Webber, Benjamin F449
Klossner, Jacob Jr216  Zieske, John C439
Koester, Henry504    
Kuhnel, Amelia95  

Maps & Gazetteers: Ancestry
U.S., Enumeration District Maps and Descriptions, 1940
U.S. and World Atlases, 1822-1923
U.S., Indexed County Land Ownership Maps, 1860-1918
A complete genealogical, historical, chronological and geographical atlas
U.S., Map Collection, 1513-1990
Minnesota County History Name Index
U.S. Gazetteer, 1854
Some old Church Records whch contain Cemetery data.
The link above is an index with the name of the church along with the film number and image ranges.
Note the film of interest, log into FS and click on Search, then Catalog. Plug in the film number where it says "Fiche/Film". Then access the film and use the image numbers to find the info.
This link will take you to a list of Cemeteries that were found in the old Nicollet Files,

It combines sources and has links to other information.
I downloaded some of the pages from Film #1753227
which are old Transcriptions for Greenlawn [Traverse] Cemetery
in St Peter. The pages can be found here. They will give an idea
 of what might be found in them.

Gleanings: Family Search / Ancestry
Other Cemetery, Burial, Coroner & Funeral Home Info
found on links above
Find~A~Grave / Billion Graves / Burial At Sea [F~A~G]

Odds & Ends and More...
Gleanings: Family Search / Ancestry
AK,Pio Home,DisInd,1913-58  OR,Pass Lists,1888-1963
AZ & CO,Pass-Crew,  Pass Port Applications-MN
Brooklyn NY Steel Emp  US,ARC,1916-59,7Sts
CA,SF, Pass & Crew 1936-1949  US,BBQues,1945-2005
CO Steel Employees  US,Panama,Empl,1905-37
DAR-Line-MN US Bio's,Women
Early Orgonian's-1800-60  US, Homesteads-1863-1908
Jackson,MO,VR,1928-56  US, Quaker Periodicals,1828-1929
NH,Divorces,1659-1947  VT, St Albans Border Crossings-MN
Nicollet Co: Wills & Probate  WA,Ind,Enroll,Allot,1911-19

"Crime & Punishment"
Family Search / Ancestry : Gleanings
Records from CA, IA, ID, MO, NM, NY, PA
and a file called: "FBI - Deceased Criminals"

Minnesota Public Criminal History

Chart Below: Types of Files, Locations
US Album of Criminals, 1906 NM,Dep Of Corrections
AL, Convicts,1886-1952 NY,Clinton,Admit Register
Alcatraz PAPrisons-1829-1971-MN
ESPY [Executions] SingSing,NY 1865-1939
IA,Convict Reg,1867-1970 TX, Prisons -1875-1945-MN
ID,Penitenary Rec,1882-1961

More Prison Records: LDS Film
1617966 ~ Mc Neil Island
1906: Crime Booklet
956170 ~ Territorial Prison at Yuma, AZ
978902 ~ CA State Prison, San Quenton, 1851-1867 [Index]
978903 ~ CA State Prison, San Quenton, 1851-1867, Register
978904 ~ CA State Prison, San Quenton, 1876-1889, Register
978905 ~ CA State Prison, San Quenton, 1889-1897, Register
978906 - Vol A ~ CA State Prison, San Quenton, List of Convicts, A - C
978906 - Vol B
978906 - Vol C
978907 ~ CA State Prison, Folsom
978907 ~ Register, 1884-1886 [Prisoner #s 11092-12354

Family Search "Historical Images"
'How to...'
The chart linked here 
will be a decent guide.
The chart includes data for both Nicollet and LeSueur Counties

To access the Historical Images, log into your FS Account: Click on Search, then at the top of the page: Historical Images:
You can begin with the search, but if you get lost or cannot figure
it all out, then use the chart I have created to access the information.
Backtrack to Search, Catalog, and plug in the DGS Film number of interest from the Chart in the 'Fiche-Film' slot.

Locations in the above file: Nicollet County / Time Frame: 1700 > 1991
Townships: Belgrade, Bernadotte, Brighton, Traverse, Ridgely,
West Newton
Cities: Courtland, Ft Ridgley, Kerns, Lafayette, Mankato,
North Mankato, Nicollet, Norseland, Oshawa, St Peter

Types of Information:
Air Force, Baptism's, Births, Burials, Cemeteries, Church Records, Confirmations, Communions, Genealogy, Marriage Banns, Newspaper Items, Obits, Tax Lists, Veteran Records, Bounty Land Warrants, Business Rec's, Homestead, Land Records, Marriage Cert's, Deeds, Enlistment Rec's, Death Certificates, Internment, Funeral, Declaration of Intent, Naturalization, Probate Court Rec's.

Here is the index for Brown County

US Naturalization Records, 1840 - 1957
These records are for women who married Alien's
and lost their Citizenship.
When the relationship was terminated,
they could apply for Citizenship under an
Act passed in 1936.

Naturalization Records: FS Catalog
Declarations of intention, v. A-B, 1852-1874 101731868  
Declarations of intention, v. C-D, 1-4, 1874-1924 101731869  
Declarations of intention, v. 5, 1931-1956 101731870Images 1 - 144
Final papers, v. A-B, 1860-1897 101731870Images 145 - 1061
Final papers, v. C-D, 1897-1906 101731871Images 1 - 506
Petition and record, v. 1, 1907-1911 101731871 Images 507 - 804
Final papers and petition and record index, 1875-1958 101731877  
Petition and record, v. 2, 1911-1920 101731878  
Petition and record, v. 3-4, 1920-1942 101731879Images 1 - 603
Citizenship petitions granted and denied, 1929-1945 101731879Images 604-625

Naturalization Records: Ancestry
Citizenship & Naturalization Records
Web: Minnesota, U.S., Alien Registration Index, 1918
Web: Minnesota, U.S., Naturalization Index, 1849-1985
U.S., World War I Soldier Naturalizations, 1918
U.S., Applications for Seaman's Protection Certificates, 1916-1940
Minnesota, U.S., Federal Naturalization Records, 1896-1989
Minnesota, U.S., Naturalization Card Index, 1930-1988
U.S., Consular Registration Certificates, 1907-1918
U.S., Consular Registration Applications, 1916-1925
U.S., Subject Index to Correspondence and Case Files of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, 1903-1959
U.S., Registration Certificates - Widows, Divorced Women, & Minors, 1907-1914
Minnesota, U.S., Naturalization Records Index, 1854-1957

Immigration / Emigration Books & Records: Ancestry
Ireland, Irish Emigration Lists, 1833-1839
U.S., Applications for Seaman's Protection Certificates, 1916-1940
Minnesota, U.S., Federal Naturalization Records, 1896-1989
Canada and U.S., Dutch Emigrants, 1946-1963
U.S., Consular Registration Certificates, 1907-1918
U.S., Consular Registration Applications, 1916-1925
Minnesota, U.S., Naturalization Records Index, 1854-1957
U.S., Jewish Transmigration Bureau Deposit Cards, 1939-1954 (JDC)
19-Century Emigration of 'Old Lutherans' from Eastern Germany to Australia, Canada, and the United States

The FS Catalog has a nice collection of local Newspapers.
Newspaper Clippings:
Nicollet County,Minnesota:
LDS Films:1738705,1749702,1749703

St Peter and Lafayette,Nicollet Co.,MN
Nicollet Co Historical Society
LDS Films:1750646,1750647,1753015

As with the other film indexes, log into FS, Search, Catalog,
enter the film number of interest. Use the indexes to find
images you wish to view.

Other Obituary Databases / Family Search
California, Oakland, Alameda Co., 
Newspaper Record Collection, 

The images are available on Family Search, 
sign in for access.

Obituaries: 1865 > 2006
[Died in MN, POB: CA, MO, OR, PA]

 American Historical Society German's from Russia,

Obituaries, Newspapers & Bulletins

 [Minnesota State University]
Minnesota Digital Library

MN Digital Newspapers
Chronicling America ~ Google News Archive
Minnesota Historical Society - Old Bulletins
Obituary Books ~ Obit Indexes [1947 > 1950]

Obituaries from other States & Counties:
Minnesota Folk who migrated and passed...
ClanDigVols1-19-Obits Hooper Obit Coll-1959 - 1981
Fre-NapaOb-1974-97,  MN IL,Cook,Obi,1970-90
FS-Obi,Oak,Ala-MN Nico,MN,Obits
Grants Pass, OR, Obits, 2007,Ind OH, Crawford Co., Obits ,1860-2004
HI,Kaui,Obit,1982-2010 PA, Obits,1977-2010
ID, Obits, 1868-2013
SDU -1993-1994

Note: 'SDU' = San Diego Union [Newspaper]

"NewsBank": Mortuary Notices
Send for Scan
Mortuary Notices / NewsBank DateLocation
Bean, W J10-Jan-00Minnesota
Block, Julius Herman27-Sep-15Minnesota
Block, Julius Herman28-Sep-15North Dakota
Erickson, Martha [Mrs]23-Feb-07Minnesota
Johnson, Tothard11 May 1896Minnesota
Laframbose, Joseph30 Dec 1856New York
Patsche, Henry20-Jan-07Minnesota
Severance, Benton19 Aug 1897Minnesota
Unverworn, Wilhelmina24-Nov-06Minnesota
This Section will contain Vital Records,
Obituaries and Miscellaneous types of information
that may be of value and interest.
Birth and Death Registers of St. Peter, Minnesota, 1878-1907
This Film # 1412182 is hand written Birth & Death Registers.
Use this link for the FS File
Read / Download them on my IceDrive

Vital Records and More
Use the Links below for Access

Family Search / Ancestry
The actual data can be found on FS & Ancestry
Types as Listed Below
Cemetery, Funeral Homes, Coroner Records
Crime & Prison ~ Deaths & DC's ~ Marriages
  Miscellaneous ~ Obituaries
Passenger Lists & Employment ~ Vital Odds

"Minnesota Only" Files are Here
Vital Record Indexes
Birth,  Marriage,  Divorce,  Misc Burials and  Deaths Death Certificates
Nicollet, MN, Births AL, Deaths & Burials SC, DC's, 1915-65

AR, Deaths - 2Dbs PA, Phil DC's1803-1915
Nicollet, MN, Marriages GA, Deaths, 1928 - 1942
NH, Div, 1659-1947 ID, County Deaths, 1863-1967

MI, Mortality Sched, 1850-1880
Vital Records, Western NY MN - California Death Ind
CO, Sacramental Rec, 
NH, Deaths, 1654-1947

Nicollet, MN, Deaths

OR, Deaths, 1877 - 1952

VT, Deaths, Burials, Vitals, 

  Burial's at Sea, Nicollet  

Canadian Records & Resources
See below [under the Books Section]
left side for Canadian Records

"Odds & Ends"
All with a connection to Nicollet County

California, Biographical Index Cards, 1781-1990
Family Histories, Journals & Biographies

Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Books (152 Vols.)
Below Link for the MN Counties I host
DAR for Minnesota [Includes Nicollet & Le Sueur]

North Dakota, Red River Valley Genealogical Society,
Pioneer Files, 1880-1953 [Family Search]

North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000

Note: There are 95 entries for Nicollet folk in the above Family Histories
Have Quakers? Ancestry also has this database:
U.S., Published Quaker Family Histories, 1845-1920

History of the Minnesota Valley: 1882
Nicollet Chapter: Index
History of Nicollet & Le Sueur Co's., MN
History of Southwest Minnesota,1897
Nicollet County Historical Atlas,1913
The Atlas is available in the FS Catalog, it also has plat maps.
Township Histories can be found here
All of the above books are available on the Site


Member of the Minnesota Historical Society, editor of the Histories of Winona,
Wright, Fillmore, Freeborn, Mower, Dakota, Rice, Steele
and Goodhue Counties, Minnesota.

Renville Countv Pioneer Association Committee.
Vol's I & II
Chicago, H C Copper Jr & Co, 1916
Nicollet Folk: Index below, Gleaned from History of Renville Co., MN
Send for Scans or download from FS Catalog

A K Page / Vol  L > ZPg / Vol
Abrahamson, Charles O409 / V1  Lammers, Charles361 / V1
Ahrens, Henry1199 / V2  Lammers, William F478 / V1
Albrecht, Paul1232 / V2  Lenander, Nels463 / V1
Allen, Oscar A1254 / V2  Lenander, Peter469 / V1
Baumann, Joseph Sr346 / V1  Mahowald, Andrew F1126 / V2
Blad, Gustave372 / V1  Manthei, Herman F1182 / V2
Brunner, John355 / V1  Manthei, Julius408 / V1
Butler, E J284 / V1  Marlowe, Charles B355 / V1
Butler, Edward J440 / V1  Nelson, Einer1071 / V2
Carson, Hugh J348 / V1  Nelson, Einer E1072 / V2
Clobes, Henry413 / V1  Nelson, Nels E1072 / V2
Daun, August T504 / V1  Nelson, Ole E1072 / V2
Dodge, Lorrin442 / V1  Nelson, William Adolph331 / V1
Dosseth, Peter Olson1019 / V2  Olson, Lars342 / V1
Erickson, John W410 / V1  Paulson, Nels433 / V1
Firle, Charles H348 / V1  Peterson, Gunerus344 / V1
Geray, Anton393 / V1  Rieke, Gustav A349 / V1
Glesener, Charles381 / V1  Rude, Knute T1203 / V2
Hall, Darwin Scott308 / V1  Schirmer, Franz357 / V1
Haubrich, Anton1133 / V2  Schumacher, Ernst1067 / V2
Hougly, Simon497 / V1  Ulrick, William435 / V1
Johnson, Thomas [Rev]1259 / V2  Voeks, Herman J515 / V1
Johnson, William A363 / V1  Voltin, Joseph357 / V1
Jungers, Michael1012 / V2  Wellner, Charles345 / V1
Jungers, William1011 / V2  Wichmann, Diedrich1300 / V2
Keltgen, William388 / V1  Wichmann, Diedrich502 / V1
Kettner, Ludwin Herman377 / V1     
Kuglin, Fred W 1111 / V2 

Early Settlers of Nicollet County
The family of Jonas P Lundeen
Early Settlers Association, Film: 1753227
Use Index above to find families, then log into FS for the files. If you have trouble finding the exact family,
send me a note and I will assist.

Newspaper Clippings:
Nicollet County Historical Society:
Many local news articles, 3 Different films,
Use this Link: Indexed by Alpha & Families

Newspaper clippings [from] St. Peter
Lafayette newspapers, ca. 1900 - 1991
Films: Indexes
1750646 / A - H  ~ 1750647 / H [Cont'd] - P  ~ 1753015 / P [Cont'd] - Z

Canadian Information : Military & Miscellaneous
Ancestry Database Indexes


Canadian Marriage & Death Records
Family Search: Please use this Link

British Columbia & Ontario
Canadian Obituaries [Ancestry Index]
There is a website dedicated to Canadian Obits from local papers.
Please use this link.

Vital Records: Toronto Star Newspaper 1976-1988
There are no indexes to these films, but they are chronological.

LDS Films / Toronto Star / VitalsFilm # Years & Image Ranges
31 May 1976 - 31 Dec 197816053551976 - 5>225 / 1977 - 226>563 / 1978 - 564>933
1 Jan 1979 - 31 Dec 198016053561979 - 5>393 / 1980 394>882
1 Jan 1981 - 31 Dec 198216053571981 - 5>555 / 1982 - 556>1221
1 Jan 1983 - 31 Dec 198416053581983 - 5>536 / 1984 - 527>1195
1 Jan 1985 - 31 Dec 1986 / End of Reel has 7 Jul-31 Dec,1986 & 13 Oct 1986 [Refilm]16053591985 - 5>591 / 1986 - 592>1232 / Jul-Dec1986 - 1234>1467
1 Jan 1987 - 31 Dec 198816053601987 - 5>635 / 1988 - 636>1609
This Section will contain both Historical & Military Information

Military Personell, WWI Nicollet County: 1916-1918 L
DS Film # 1749941: Item #1 / Military Card File
The chart below will give you the alpha range,
log into FS, Catalog, enter film number where it says "Fiche,Film"
then key in the Image Numbers of Interest

A 0004 - 0072
N 1132 - 1159
B 0073 - 0251
O 1160 - 1222
C 0252 - 319
P 1223 - 1295
D 0320 - 410
Q 1296 - 1298
E 0411 - 0463
R 1299 - 1363
F  0464 - 0516
S 1364 - 1537
G  0517 - 0574
T 1538 - 1550
H 0575 - 0722
U 1551 - 1559
I 0723 - 0729
V 1560 - 1574
J 0730 - 0832
W 1575 - 1642
K 0833 - 0896
Y 1644 - 1652
L 0897 - 0907
Z 1653 - 1675
M 0908 - 1131

There are also brief bios on this film: Item #2, 1917-1919
Image Range: 1678-1916

Film # 1750364:
Minnesota 9th Regiment Volunteers
Item 3, Images 0378-0484

Veteran Burials
Item 4, Cemetery & Image Ranges on Chart Below

It#4 Cems, Vet Burials Image Range
Calvary Cem 487 - 545
Holy Communion 545 - 549
First Lutheran 550 - 569
Green Hill 570 - 621
Green Lawn 622 - 650
Middle Lake 651 - 654
Norwegian Lutheran 655 - 661
Swedish Lutheran 662 - 672
Woodlawn 673 - 741

One Minnesota Revolutionary War Hero:
Stephen Taylor
War of 1812
~ Minnesota in the Civil War
1883 Pensioners ~ Military Museum
Nicollet in the Civil War: Roster

Military Gleanings: Family Search / Ancestry
Nicollet & Minnesota
All database Indexes are searchable pdf files:

The Chart below gives examples of Resource Types

AL,WW1,ServCds,1917-19 OH,WWI,SvCds,1914-19
DE,WW1,ServRec,1917-19 OR,WWI,Vet-St-Aid-1921-38
DisAblVets, Nicollet & Le Sueur
IA,GAR,1861-1949 MN DAR
IA-ArmForcGrvReg,MN MN GAR. 1869 - 1940
IA-WWII-BonusCs-1947-59 SD,GAR,1861-1941
KS,GAR,1880-1940 Soldiers of the Great War,MN-V2
Mil-NavAcaApp1800-1908 TX,WW1,Rec,1917-20
MilhdApp,Nicollet MN USArmyDea,1860-89
MN-Forts USDepInt,BtyCl,1886-1930
MO,SepWW2,6Sts USNavy,BurRec,1898-1932
MS,WW1,ServCds-1917-19 UT,GAR,1879-1934
MT,MilRec,1904-18 WA,WW1,VetCompApp,1921-25
NE,GAR,BurRec,1861-1948 WA-SoldHm-1891-1945
Neill-1878-Mil-NA [Book] WW1&2,Draft,Res,SLO
Nicollet ,MN, 1890 Veteran's Schedule

Military Forts in Minnesota
Military Land Warrants in MN 1854-1863
Military & Minnesota Territory
Minnesota G A R ~ Minnesota D A R

Minnesota and 'The Wars'

Colonial Wars ~ Dakota War of 1862 ~ 150 Years Later
1862 Indian War Claims ~ Civil & Indian Wars: 1861-1865

Spanish American War & Philippine Insurrection

G A R Membership Records

Modern Wars, WW I, WW II, Korea [Ralph Carlson], Vietnam
WW II Honor List of Dead or Missing
Prison Burials - Roll of Honor: 1865-1867
Register of Patients in Naval Hospitals

Military Pension Records, Bounty Records, etc
U.S., WWII Army Deserters Pay Cards, 1943-1945
U.S., Civil War & Later Wars Index to Remarried Widow Pension Applications,
U.S., Revolutionary War Pensioners, 1801-1815, 1818-1872
U.S., The Pension Roll of 1835
U.S., Index to General Correspondence of the Record & Pension Office, 1889-1904
U.S., Department of the Interior Decisions on Pensions & Bounty-Land Claims,
U.S., Revolutionary War Pension & Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, 1800-1900
List of pensioners on the roll, January 1, 1883, Vols. 1-5
U.S., Navy Pensions Index, 1861-1910
U.S., War Bounty Land Warrants, 1789-1858
U.S., House of Representative Private Claims, Vol. 2
U.S., House of Representative Private Claims, Vol. 1

Temporary Nicollet County Coordinator: Martha A Crosley Graham
State Coordinator: Tim Stowell

Assistant State Coordinator: 
Karen De Groote
For information about adopting a Minnesota County, please contact  Tim:  Here is the  list of Counties

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